What do sessions with you look like?

Our sessions with clients are collaborative. This is your therapy and we want you to get out of it what you desire. We both naturally provide a warm, curious, and encouraging atmosphere, as we are dedicated to making clients feel supported and understood.  Our first session together will last about 60 minutes. In the first few sessions, the main goal is to make you feel comfortable and to provide a safe space, free of judgement, for you to discuss vulnerable topics. We will take our time, easing into the issues you may feel uneasy talking about, and we will lead the first couple of sessions. After we have started to build our therapeutic relationship, we encourage clients to attend sessions with an idea of what they are hoping to discuss. Taking control of and ownership of your progress will help you move toward change faster.

How long can I expect to work with you?

This depends greatly on factors such as the issue, motivation, accountability, as well as many others. We like to keep the length of therapy as an open conversation throughout the process, checking-in on how we're doing with getting you to your goals. 

How often do we meet?

Studies continue to demonstrate the importance of attending weekly sessions, especially at the beginning of therapy. With weekly sessions, you will receive the guidance, support, and accountability necessary to make lasting change. Momentum and motivation are also more easily maintained when meeting weekly. 

How do I schedule appointments?

You can schedule appointments directly with your therapist either in our session, via email or over the phone. We encourage scheduling recurring sessions so that you can count on meeting weekly at a given time and adjust your calendar accordingly. 

Do you offer virtual therapy sessions?

Yes, Andrea does, however, only after we have met in the office at least once. There are some limitations to confidentiality in virtual sessions, such as the security of the software. Please contact me to discuss virtual sessions further.

Do you see LGBTQ+ individuals and couples, polyamorous or open relationships, or kink folks?

Absolutely, yes. 

Should I come alone or with my partner?

If you are hoping to work on an issue that involves your partner, we typically recommend coming in together. However, it is difficult to generalize this, so we recommend contacting us and we can discuss options. 

What is normal sexually?

There is no normal sexual expression. Our goal is not to make you “normal” but rather to find out what is going to make you feel comfortable expressing your authentic sexual self!

Are your services confidential?

Yes, our sessions are confidential. There are some ethical and legal limitations to that rule that we will discuss in our first session. 

Where is your office located?

Currently my office is conveniently located in Farragut Square, two blocks from the Farragut North Red Line Metro stop.