Now Hiring Clinical Associate!

Do you feel passionate about sexual health and wellness? Do you have therapeutic experience helping individuals and couples with relationship and sexual issues? Are you interested in joining a thriving boutique private practice in the center of Washington, D.C. and growing your caseload quickly? Take a look at the job posting by clicking HERE and send your application to Andrea following the directions in the posting.

Can’t wait to hear from you and have you join the team!

2017 Relationship Reboot Challenge


It's about time to say goodbye to 2016. We've all had the experience of choosing a New Year's resolution that lasts maybe a week, month tops. With a little more intention and focus, you can make a resolution this year that actually sticks, and what better area of your life to dedicate that kind of attention than to your relationship! 

Snuggle up, work the challenge, and step into a fresh 2017! I promise you will end up feeling more connected, centered, and inspired! 

Happy New Year and Happy Connecting! 

Click Here!--> 2017 Relationship Reboot Challenge